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Academic Coaches

Kimberly Logan, K-2

Hope James, 3-5


What are the responsibilities of a Title I Academic Coach?

The greatest common denominator in effective teaching and learning is personalization. The core role for Title I Academic Coaches is to provide personalized, job-embedded professional development designed to increase teacher pedagogy and ensure high-quality implementation of effective instructional practices and program interventions. The coaches provide side-by-side support, model evidence-based practices, and co-teach with teachers to facilitate continuous improvement. The coach works hands-on with teachers and instructional staff to address student achievement gaps and accelerate student learning by building teacher capacity by implementing a standards-based curriculum, using data to drive instructional decisions, and providing reflective feedback through peer coaching. All tasks and responsibilities will concur with Title I, Part A, and the school’s Title I Improvement Plan.

  • Designed to enhance teachers’ content-specific instructional practices
  • Defined by its intent of improving student learning
  • Grounded in day-to-day teaching practices
  • Integrated into the workday
  • Requires active teacher involvement in cooperative, inquiry-based work
  • Part of a coaching cycle of continuous improvement in which teachers assess and find solutions for authentic and immediate problems of practice through side-by-side coaching, modeling, co-teaching, and reflective practices.
  • Aligned to the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP)